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Educational Institutions

GettingHired's Educational Partners strive to supply their students with resources to find jobs in a competitive environment.

GettingHired’s Nationwide Educational Institution Partners

Education is an essential part of any career. Our nationwide network of institutions of higher education includes more than 1,500 four-year institutions and more than 1,100 community colleges and vocational institutes. All of the institutions in the network receive GettingHired’s monthly newsletter, wall-size posters and additional marketing materials describing GettingHired’s employment and social networking portal. GettingHired’s resources are designed to augment the work of Career Services and Disability Services staff members as they assist students with career development and employment search activities. Schools in the network find that posting a link to the Jobseeker page at is one effective way to tell the students they serve about the resources available at GettingHired.

GettingHired’s Educational Partners

Many schools in the Network have further leveraged the power of the GettingHired by becoming University and College Partners.

These institutions are using the GettingHired site to communicate to students, prospective students, alumni and their families the commitment of their schools to providing career development tools and identifying internships and employment opportunities for students with disabilities.

Our University and College Partners are also automatically enrolled in our priority messaging program, receiving articles of interest to the disability community immediately upon availability.

Our Employer Partners, seeking to control the rising cost of Onsite Campus Recruiting, are increasingly turning to the use of virtual career fairs to find qualified candidates from among the ranks of graduating students. Our University and College Partners are leading the way in providing career development resources and the required online virtual career fair environment to their students through their partnership with GettingHired. And of course, our Employer Partners are assured, when they recruit virtually with a GettingHired University or College Partner that the prospective employees they interview have been well prepared to enter the workplace. If you are not already an Educational Partner, click the button below.

Partner in Our Mission: By partnering with GettingHired, you will not only help further the careers of millions of qualified, skilled, and enthusiastic workers with disabilities; you will also gain access to valuable insights, guidelines, and advice.