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Virtual Career Fairs, Educational Webinars, Conferences, Speaking Engagements

GettingHired's Events is an employment resource specifically for individuals and veterans with disabilities. Facing an unemployment rate that is almost twice the national average, GettingHired seeks to improve employment opportunities for those individuals by connecting them to inclusive employers who are actively looking to diversify their workforce.

The market is changing and forward thinking companies are recognizing the immense value that employees with disabilities can add to their organizations. That culture shift, combined with recent regulatory changes for federal contractors, means there has never been a bigger demand for companies seeking to hire more individuals with disabilities.   

What do we mean by 'disability'?

We use the definition of an individual with a disability set out in the Americans with Disabilities Act (ADA): ‘a person who has a physical or mental impairment that substantially limits one or more major life activities, a person who has a history or record of such an impairment, or a person who is perceived by others as having such an impairment.’ 

A major life activity includes, but is not limited to, caring for oneself, performing manual tasks, seeing, hearing, eating, sleeping, walking, standing, lifting, bending, speaking, breathing, learning, reading, concentrating, thinking, communicating, and working. Disabilities include, but are not limited to:  • Blindness  • Autism  • Bipolar disorder  • Post-traumatic stress disorder (PTSD) • Deafness  • Cerebral palsy  • Major depression • Obsessive compulsive disorder  • HIV/AIDS  • Cancer   • Multiple sclerosis (MS)  • Impairments requiring the use of a wheelchair     • Diabetes • Epilepsy  • Schizophrenia • Muscular dystrophy • Intellectual disability  • Missing limbs or partially missing limbs  

Job Seeker Webinars

We run a series of educational webinars to support job seekers with disabilities in their employment search. These are 30-60 mins once a month and feature disability employment leaders discussing a wide range of topics with practical tips to give you the tools to achieve your career goals.
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Watch 2015 Job Seeker Webinars on YouTube


GettingHired's 2016 Job Seeker Webinars:

January 8- 12:00PM- The Journey of a Job Seeker with a Disability Part 1: Job Hunting & the Recruitment Process Watch the Recorded Webinar Now!

In part 1/3 we look at the first phase of the search for employment: What exactly are recruiters and hiring managers looking for in attractive candidates? What are the widespread frustrations most job seekers face through the application process? How long is your job search supposed to take? How can you find a job that's really right for you? 

January 22 - 12:00PM- Kick Start Your Career: Inclusive Internships- BroadFutures Watch The Recorded Webinar Now!

BroadFutures President, CEO & Co-Founder, Carolyn Jeppsen, discusses how internships and other work-based learning is crucial to today's graduates. Find out what an internship can do for your career prospects, what employers look for when taking on an intern, what steps you can take to create a successful experience and what internship opportunities you could get involved in. 

February 10- 12:00PM- The Journey of a Job Seeker with a Disability Part 2: Managing the Application Process, Disclosing Your Disability & Requesting Accommodation Watch the Recorded Webinar Now!

In part 2/3 we discuss the barriers of the application & testing process, requesting accommodation and what you should know about disclosing your disability to employers. Are inaccessible job applications a barrier to you applying? How can you request accommodation to help you through applying, interviewing & once you are hired? When should you disclose your disability to an employer- if at all? You will also find out what government measures can help you get a job.

February 22- 12:00PM- Grow Your Career with a Mentorship- USBLN Watch the Recorded Webinar Now!

Career Link Mentoring Program Manager, Mylene Padolina of the US Business Leadership Network (USBLN) shares insights into how invaluable mentorships can be in both personal and professional development. Find out how to find the right mentor for you, what makes a successful mentorship and how you can get involved in the USBLN mentorship program.

March 10- 12:00PM- The Journey of a Job Seeker with a Disability- Part 3- Watch the Recorded Webinar Now!

This is part 3/3 of our webinar series for job seekers, which will walk through how GettingHired can help connect you to employers seeking candidates with disabilities. We'll also look at which companies are actively building an inclusive and diverse workforce and company culture and how they are doing this.

March 24- 12:00PM- Making Decisions about Disability Disclosure- Watch the Recorded Webinar Now!

The topic of disclosure is a personal decision for each individual with a disability. Recent changes in the law for federal contractors, has created more incentive for disclosing your disability to employers. In this webinar, Jennifer Thomas from the National Collaborative on Workforce and Disability for Youth (NCWD/ Youth) will discuss the issues around disclosure: the advantages vs disadvantages, your rights, steps you can take to feel more confident in discussing your disability and any accommodations you require in employment, education and social settings. This will be particularly relevant to college students/ recent graduates.

March 30- 12:00PM (ET)- How to Succeed at Online Career Fairs- Watch the Recorded Webinar Now!

Online career fairs are the most convenient way to get yourself in front of multiple employers, and without even leaving your home! But if you're not sure what to expect and don't prepare beforehand, it can be a waste of your time and the employers. Join our preparation webinar to get top tips for getting the most from the event. Find out how to prepare beforehand, make the right impression, ensure you use your time most effectively with employers and come away with genuine job prospects.

April 4- 12:00PM- Returning to Work While Maintaining Disability Benefits- Watch the Recorded Webinar Now!

Returning to work after taking disability leave can be a daunting prospect for many people who have found themselves unemployed for periods of time. One of the most common concerns if you're receiving SSI or SSDI, is that you could lose your benefits after returning to work. If your employment doesn't last for whatever reason, you'll be left without an income, at least for a period of time. David Mitchell, Project Director of Maryland Work Incentives Network, explains the multiple work incentives designed to prevent this, by allowing you to continue receiving your benefits while re-entering the working world. This will be useful for beneficiaries nationwide.

April 22- 12:00PM- PEAT: Making Workplace Technology More Accessible- Watch the Recorded Webinar Now!

The Dept of Labor's Partnership on Employment & Accessible Technology (PEAT) works to help employers and IT companies understand why it pays to build and buy accessible workplace technology, and how to go about doing so. Topics will include PEAT's latest efforts to make online hiring and recruiting practices more accessible, as well as the educational and advocacy opportunities available at


May 19- 12:00PM- Managing a Disability in the Workplace/ Using JAN - Watch the Recorded Webinar Now!

Are you confident in requesting an accommodation from employers? Understanding your employment rights under the ADA and what accommodation options work best for you can really help you to navigate the request process and ensure a smoother transition into your new role. The Job Accommodation Network (JAN) provides information and guidance to both employers and individuals with disabilities, in order to help both sides create a successful working environment. Get a better understanding of the accommodation process in this one hour webinar.

June 22- 12:00PM- Medical Inquiries, the ADA, and Disability Disclosure- Watch Recorded Webinar Now!

How confident are you in disclosing your disability to employers? Do you know what medical questions employers are and are not allowed to ask you? Do you know about the disability affirmative action measures introduced for federal contractors and sub contractors that mandates they hire more people with disabilities? Get informed about the Americans with Disabilities Act (ADA) restrictions on disability-related inquiries in this one hour webinar with the Job Accommodation Network (JAN). We'll discuss disability disclosure and why many employers are now allowed to ask you to disclose your disability, using the Voluntary Self-Identification of Disability form.

July 6- 12:00PM (ET)- The Rise of Freelancers - Watch Recorded Webinar Now!

Have you considered doing freelance or project based work? The world of work has dramatically changed in recent years. Gone is the era when employees worked inside an office all day. This is being disrupted with the emergence of flexible working and freelance staff. Simply put, the modern generation is keenly aware of the possibilities made available through modern technology, with the internet making it easy for staff to carry out their job from the comfort of their own home or coffee shop. What’s more, some employees can gain more money by taking on a number of separate jobs for numerous companies, rather than opting for a full-time role. Quite often, businesses will pay a premium for high-quality talent, even if it is only for a short period of time. But what is driving this dramatic change in work culture? How are today's businesses working with this contingent workforce? Find out all about the spread of freelancing and if it could be the right opportunity for you.

August 17- 12:00PM (ET)- Mental Fitness for Employment Success - Watch Recorded Webinar Now!

Best selling career author and staffing expert Jeff Garton takes you beyond the mechanics of your job search, to focus on your mental fitness and perseverance to perform well in your interaction with employers, despite the emotional turmoil of a challenging job market. This is a taster of the newly launched curriculum Jeff Garton has created, to provide job seekers with the skills and aptitude that is crucial for job search success, which traditional job search training often overlooks.

September 14- 12:00PM (ET)- TEKsystems' Veterans and Disabled Veterans Program- Watch Recorded Webinar Now!

TEKsystems is a top military-friendly, global provider of IT staffing, IT talent management and IT services. With an award winning veteran hiring initiative, run by a veteran and a 10-12% veteran hiring rate, they are leaders in the veteran and disabled veteran space. Join this webinar to hear how they've achieved this, while they share their best practices with other employers.

October 11- 12:00PM (ET)- NDEAM Webinar: Kellogg's Story of Disability Inclusion - Watch Recorded Webinar Now!

As part of GettingHired's NDEAM celebrations throughout October, Kellogg's will be sharing their best practices to encourage other employers to be more inclusive of individuals with disabilities. One of the most effective ways of creating inclusive workplaces is by forming Employee Resource Groups (ERG's). These are voluntary employee led networking teams that share a common interest and meet regularly to discuss ideas, concerns and opportunities to foster an inclusive company culture. Join this webinar to find out how Kellogg's are encouraging more candidates with disabilities to apply to company positions and how they are fostering an inclusive environment using ERG's and other initiatives.

November 9- 12:00PM (ET)- Building Resources, Relationships & Realizing Your Full Potential as a Veteran Job Seeker- Webinar Recording Coming Soon

In honor of Veterans Day, this webinar for veteran job seekers, features an online panel of veterans and business leaders discussing their experiences and sharing resources for those transitioning into civilian employment. Veterans from Aerotek, GettingHired's sister company and the largest staffing agency in the US, and Able Forces, a veteran founded non-profit and community rehabilitation organization, providing employment for disabled veterans, share their expert knowledge to help you navigate your career outside of the military.

November 15- 12PM (ET)- KPMG and the Key Components to a Successful Job Search- Webinar Recording Coming Soon

Two presenters from GettingHired Employer Partner KPMG, share their recruiting expertise to provide insight and guidance to help you in your job search. Successful companies know the power of creating their own unique brand. How can you develop your 'personal brand' to attract the employers you want to work with? Get tips on marketing your skills to show the value you bring to potential employers; optimizing your online profile and resume and more.


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GettingHired's Online Career Fairs


We offer FREE Online Career Fairs to all of our jobseekers!  These Online Career Fairs allow you to connect directly with recruiters & hiring managers at nationwide businesses, looking to hire people with disabilities. Our Online Career Fair platform is fully accessible and offers two easy ways to register:

  • Register with your LinkedIn Account
  • Fill out your information and upload your resume

Next Online Career Fair: TBC 2017

Our next Online Career Fair will be in 2017. Check again next year for dates and further information.


What should you do before a career fair?

  • Update your resume - Make sure your resume is up-to-date and make sure the information is correct in other locations, like LinkedIn.
  • Learn about the companies - Make sure you have reviewed the company profiles of the businesses attending and open positions, that you may be interested in. This will save you time.
  • Create a calendar reminder - Times may change depending on where you live. Make sure you don't miss out.
  • Pre-write some questions - Because the event is text chat based, save yourself some time and type out some questions, that can easily be cut and pasted during your chat to cut down on typing.