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National Consortium Partners

GettingHired’s partner organizations consist of top employers, educational institutions, advocacy groups and service providers that hire and assist people with disabilities.

Interested in Becoming a GettingHired Partner?

GettingHired is committed to helping people with disabilities reach their full potential in the workplace, and increasing their visibility to prospective employers. Our mission goes hand-in-hand with yours: advocating for the rights and dignity of individuals living with disabilities.

Americans living with disabilities face countless challenges every day—especially in the workplace. More than 23 million of these individuals are either unemployed or underemployed, despite their education, skills, and professional qualifications.

GettingHired offers you:

  • The opportunity to help millions of people find jobs and advance their careers.
  • A point of connection and discourse with influential employers around the country.
  • A highly visible platform for your organization.
  • The ability to educate and advise both employers and workers.
  • Strengthen your advocacy efforts.

Partner with us

Partner in Our Mission: By partnering with GettingHired, you will not only help further the careers of millions of qualified, skilled, and enthusiastic workers with disabilities; you will also gain access to valuable insights, guidelines, and advice.