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GettingHired's Diversity & Inclusion Leadership Webinars

Webinar Schedule 2017:

    January 11, 2017 (12:00pm ET)
    The Candidate Experience for Hard-to-Reach Talent: Students & Individuals with Disabilities-
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    Discover the Do's and Don'ts for recruiting the best talent from colleges and universities, as reported by the students themselves. Join us as we discuss the results of the Scott Resource Group's 'Campus Candidate Experience' research project, which gathered valuable feedback from students across 18 national universities, including Cornell, MIT, Notre Dame, Penn State, Purdue, Stanford, Syracuse, Texas A&M, the University of California – Berkeley and others. We also share insights into the candidate experience of individuals with disabilities, from GettingHired's own research. Through our cross reference of both sets of data, you will learn how to position your company as the employer of choice for both of these hard-to-reach talent pools.


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    Recent Meeting Presentations & Transcripts

      NDEAM Celebration Webinar: Kellogg's Story of Disability Inclusion- October 2016


      As part of GettingHired's National Disability Employment Awareness Month (NDEAM) celebrations, our inclusive employer partner Kellogg's discuses how they are working to be more inclusive of individuals with disabilities and why it is one of their top priorities. One of the most effective ways of creating an inclusive company culture is through Employee Resource Groups (ERG's). 90% of Fortune 500 companies have them and in recent years they have grown in popularity. Find out about their recently formed ERG, Kapable, which led by employees with disabilities and their advocates, is helping to continuously develop an inclusive workplace for current and future employees with disabilities at Kellogg's.

      TEKsystems' Veterans Program- September 2016


      How successful is your company's veteran hiring strategy? Are you looking for ways to improve it? Or maybe your company would like recruit more veterans, but aren't sure where to start? Veteran-friendly business and a global provider of IT staffing, IT talent management and IT services, TEKsystems has an award-winning veteran hiring initiative. Find out what steps they have taken to achieve this including; composing veteran-friendly job descriptions, translating military skills or MOS to positions within the company; and successes and challenges their company has faced in building their veteran inclusive culture.

      The Rise of the Freelancers- July 2016 Presentation


      Allegis Global Solution's Bruce Morton discusses how the employment landscape is dramatically changing in an increasingly candidate driven market. What impact is the emergence of the new 'gig economy' having on the relationship between businesses and the workforce?'

    PEAT's TalentWorks: Tips and Tricks for Employers- April 2016 Presentation


    Archived Presentations and Transcripts


    2015 Archives

    BroadFutures: The Business Case for Inclusive Internships- December 2015 Presentation



    USBLN's Going For The Gold Project featuring TD Bank- September 2015 Presentation



    Equal Employment Advisory Council (EEAC): Evaluating Transition Year Compliance With OFCCP’s Revised Disability Regulations - July 2015 Presentation




    2014 Archives

    Creating Effective Disability Inclusion Campaigns - September 2014 Meeting – Global Disability Inclusion - September 2014 Presentation


    Understanding the Job Search Experience for Candidates with Disabilities - June 2014 Meeting – Tania Lavin – Allegis Group - June 2014 Presentation


    2013 Archives

    Employees with Disabilities the Forgotten Diversity Segment: Tracking Trends - December 2013 Meeting – Pete Rutigliano – Sirota Consulting – December 2013 Presentation

    Supporting the Employment Success for Wounded Warriors - September 2013 Meeting – Brian Nichols – Wounded Warriors - Warriors to Work Program – September 2013 Presentation Update June 2013 Meeting – Adam Streets – GettingHired – June 2013 Presentation

    Research and Best Practices for Disability Disclosure - Cornell – Sarah von Schrader/Ellice Switzer – Cornell University – June 2013 Presentation

    Preventing Workplace Stigma – Ed Crenshaw – Destin Enterprises LLC – June 2013 Presentation Update March 2013 Meeting – Amira Fahmy – GettingHired – March 2013 Presentation

    Diversity Programs at jetBlue – Gerald Isaac – jetBlue – March 2013 Presentation

    Asperger Syndrome Training & Employment Partnership (ASTEP) – Marcia Scheiner – ASTEP – March 2013 Presentation Update December 2012 Meeting – Jim Lunny – GettingHired – March 2013 Presentation

    December 2013 Advisory Council Meeting Transcript

    September 2013 Advisory Council Meeting Transcript

    March 2013 Advisory Council Meeting Transcript


    2012 Archives

    Diversity & Inclusion at Capital One – Jackie Jamison – Capital One– December 2012 Presentation

    2013 Accessibility Trends – Tim Springer – SSB Bart Group (SSB)– December 2012 Presentation Update September 2012 Meeting – Jim Lunny – GettingHired

    Epilepsy: Accommodations and other Workplace Issues – Gary Gross/Paul Scribner – Epilepsy Foundation

    Inclusion and Diversity at NiSource – Dr. Deloras D. Jones – NiSource Update June 2012 Meeting – Jim Lunny – GettingHired

    Leadership in a Disability Inclusive Workforce: JIT Program – Lawanda Cook, Ph.D. – Cornell

    Update on OFCCP and EEO Issues – Sheridan Walker – HirePotential, Inc. Update March 2012 Meeting – Jim Lunny – GettingHired

    Employee Resource Group Veteran’s Outreach – Maryjane Baer – National Grid

    Resources You Can Use Courtesy of the Job Accommodation Network – Anne E. Hirsch – Job Accommodation Network (JAN)

    December 2012 Advisory Council Meeting Transcript

    September 2012 Advisory Council Meeting Transcript

    June 2012 Advisory Council Meeting Transcript

    March 2012 Advisory Council Meeting Transcript


    2011 Archives Update December 2011 Meeting – Jim Lunny – GettingHired – December 2011 Presentation

    Creating a Positive Work Environment – Terri D. Austin – The McGraw-Hill Companies – December 2011 Presentation

    Professional Employment and Development at NIB – Ann Walling / Karen Pal / Billy Parker – National Industries for the Blind (NIB) – December 2011 Presentation Update September 2011 Meeting – Jim Lunny – GettingHired – September 2011 Presentation

    Building Inclusive & Accessible HR Systems & Processes – Debra Ruh – SSB Bart Group – September 2011 Presentation

    National Organization on Disability – Carol Glazer – NOD – September 2011 Presentation Update June 2011 Meeting – Thomas Capato – GettingHired - June 2011 Presentation

    What’s New and What You Must Know for 2011 – Sheridan Walker – HirePotential - June 2011 Presentation

    Disability Inclusion in Staffing Strategies – Phil Hendrickson, Marthalee Galeota, Mick James – Starbucks - June 2011 Presentation

  Update March 2011 Meeting – Thomas Capato – GettingHired - March 2011 Presentation

    Assistive Technology and Job Accommodation – M. Wade Wingler, ATP – Easter Seals - March 2011 Presentation

    Leveraging Affinity Groups & Internship Programs to Attract & Retain PWD in Your Organization – Merck - March 2011 Presentation

    December 2011 Advisory Council Meeting Transcript

    September 2011 Advisory Council Meeting Transcript

    June 2011 Advisory Council Meeting Transcript

    March 2011 Advisory Council Meeting Transcript


    2010 Archives Update December 2010 Meeting - Jim Lunny - GettingHired - December 2010 Presentation

    CSX’s DisAbility Journey - Susan Hamilton - CSX - December 2010 Presentation

    Aging and Disability:A New Paradigm – Jonathan J. Kaufman, MA, AM, M.Phil, PhD - DisabilityWorks, inc. - December 2010 Presentation Update Q3 - Jim Lunny - GettingHired - September 2010 Presentation

    Offsetting Hiring Costs with Employment Tax Credits – Sheridan Walker - HirePotential, Inc. - September 2010 Presentation

    Best Practices for Building a Disability Friendly Company – Tammie McNaughton - GettingHired, LLC- September 2010 Presentation

    Success Stories from Project SEARCH – Kathryn Morrissey - Project SEARCH - September 2010 Presentation

    Disability Mentoring Day Presentation - David Hale - AAPD - June 2010 Presentation

    Recruiting Tips Presentation - Sheridan Walker - HirePotential, Inc. - June 2010 Presentation

    December 2010 Advisory Council Meeting Transcript

    September 2010 Advisory Council Meeting Transcript

    June 2010 Advisory Council Meeting Transcript

    March 2010 Advisory Council Meeting Transcript

    November 2009 Advisory Council Meeting Transcript