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GettingHired's Employer Partner Program

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Job Seekers With Disabilities Are Ready to Bring Their Talents to You

Nearly 10,000 baby boomers retire every week day in America. This is creating a massive talent shortage in America. But did you know there is a qualified, dedicated pool of workers ready to bring their talent to your organization?

Millions of Americans living with a disability seek employment. Many of them possess the same education and skills as the traditional workforce.

Connect With Driven, Reliable Job Seekers

We are your portal to connect with this often untapped segment of today’s workforce. More than 190 companies coast to coast have already stepped up to find qualified talent for a variety of job vacancies with GettingHired.

To stay on the leading edge, we continually upgrade our services to both users and employers.

GettingHired’s exclusive services offer you:

  • Access to thousands of qualified job seekers with disabilities
  • RightMatchTM technology to ensure candidates fit your specific position requirements
  • High brand exposure for a low subscription fee
  • Exclusive access to our Service Provider Network that provides accommodation solutions
  • EEO and OFCCP compliance
  • Easy-to-use training programs on disability hiring topics including:
    • Etiquette
    • Accommodation
    • OFCCP compliance
    • Recruiter awareness


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Partner With Us

GettingHired offers several membership options for our employers with valuable incentives, in addition to helping further the careers of millions of skilled, qualified and loyal workers with disabilities.

Employer Membership Program Options
Partner in Our Mission: By partnering with GettingHired, you will not only help further the careers of millions of qualified, skilled, and enthusiastic workers with disabilities; you will also gain access to valuable insights, guidelines, and advice.