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Transformation Management Analyst - Business Analyst - Yonkers, NY

Sterling National Bank
Yonkers, NY
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Sterling National Bank is an organization committed to strong growth. Our significant accomplishments are a direct result of continuous hard work by our solid team of dedicated professionals. As we continue to grow and expand across all business sectors we seek talented individuals who can meet our demands for success.

Our competitive advantage is our people who tirelessly work to exceed expectations.

We have something special here at Sterling. We not only offer competitive salaries and comprehensive benefits we are also characterized by an unwavering commitment to high achievement, we offer a diverse environment hosting a multitude of dedicated, talented and driven individuals who value honesty, integrity and go above and beyond for their clients.

It’s an exciting time to work for Sterling National Bank. If you are looking for a unique employment experience and are driven to achieve in a dynamic growth-minded environment you have come to the right place.

What you will do:

Sterling National Bank has made a commitment to building a Transformation Management Office (TMO) to disrupt the status quo and be a catalyst for innovation and performance improvement across the company. The TMO will be a key enabler of several of Sterling’s three-year strategic objectives. Under the leadership of the Director of Transformation Management and in conjunction with Sterling’s senior executives, the Business Analyst (BA) will assist in systematically reinventing the company. The BA will partner with business units across Sterling to identify, evaluate and execute transformative initiatives to drive significant improvements in operating results. This individual will support the TMO in taking a data-drive, analytical approach to identifying scalable, disruptive opportunities.  



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  • Posted / Updated: 11/17/2017