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7 programs dedicated to individuals with disabilities at The University of Kansas

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The University of Kansas is a major public research and teaching institution of 28,401 students and 2,600 faculty on five campuses (Lawrence, Kansas City, Overland Park, Wichita, and Salina). Its diverse elements are united by their mission to educate leaders, build healthy communities, and make discoveries that change the world.

Watch this video to learn why the Human Resource Management employees are passionate about working for the University of Kansas here!

We are committed to an open, diverse and inclusive learning and working environment for all

As a premier international research university, the University of Kansas is committed to an open, diverse and inclusive learning and working environment that nurtures the growth and development of all. The university holds steadfast in the belief that an array of values, interests, experiences, and intellectual and cultural viewpoints enrich learning and our workplace. The promotion of and support for a diverse and inclusive community of mutual respect require the engagement of the entire university.

Family Employment Awareness Training for individuals with disabilities

One example of the University's outreach to individuals with disabilities is the development of the Family Employment Awareness Training (FEAT) program. FEAT was developed at the university's Beach Center on Disability in conjunction with Families Together, Inc. to assist individuals and families who often encounter obstacles in finding employment due to lack of work history and availability of social service resources. The goal of the FEAT program is to raise the expectations for employers, individuals with disabilities, and their families so that the individuals may find competitive and satisfying employment options and better earning potential.

Individuals and families participating in the FEAT program will learn about employment options, resources for employers and employees, anti-discrimination laws and self-advocacy, and state and/or federal funding resources that include benefits and service programs. FEAT is not only featured in the State of Kansas, it has also been implemented in Rhode Island and Utah and continues to draw interest for program application opportunities across the United States.

What other programs and projects do we focus on to employer individuals with disabilities?

A sample of other outreach programs that the University of Kansas participates in is ProjectSearch, Van Go, Transition to Post-Secondary Education (TPE), etc. All programs and projects focus on empowering individuals with disabilities develop employment, social and behavioral skills to enhance their ability to succeed in finding competitive employment opportunities upon completion of the program or move toward other higher educational learning. You can learn more about the programs for individuals with disabilities here!

I'm interested in applying for a position, what is some additional information I should know?

The university consists of 13 schools, including the only schools of pharmacy and medicine in the state, and offers more than 370 degree programs. The University of Kansas is recognized for providing exceptional graduates in the areas of special education, city management, speech-language pathology, rural medicine, clinical child psychology, nursing, occupational therapy, and social welfare. Students, split almost equally between women and men, come from all 50 states and 105 countries and are about 15 percent multicultural.

You can find more information about the University of Kansas and the programs mentioned at www.ku.edu.

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