Who We Are

Getting Hired Mission Statement


We value equity, inclusion, and dignity for all. We invest in recruiting a team that is diverse in every respect.


We are a team of integrity and character. We behave ethically, honestly, and fairly in all that we do.

Learn & Educate

We operate with curiosity and embrace new ideas to innovate and constantly improve. We look to continually learn, grow and expand our capacity as individuals and as an organization so that we can make a meaningful impact in the world.


We strive to impact the lives of others, not only through our work, but also through volunteerism, community service, and civic engagement.


We stand up for what we believe in and we show pride, enthusiasm and dedication in everything that we do.

Meet the Team

Jill Stutzman-DeanerJill Stutzman-Deaner  

Business Executive

Jill manages the day-to-day activities of the business as she oversees the areas of account management, marketing and business development. Jill’s diverse role allows her to have a footprint in all aspects of the business and make decisions directly impacting the bottom line.

Jill has had a lifelong desire to lead teams to success. As a successful athlete and high school coach, Jill’s passion for sports has provided her with a foundation to drive results and impact others around her. She has spent her career in education, business development and the non-profit sector. Throughout her journey, the connections she has made with individuals of all ages and abilities has been the most impactful.

Jill has a strong belief that differences in backgrounds, beliefs and abilities can only strengthen the world and that belief is what inspires her in the workplace. Jill’s daily inspiration to be her best self comes from the love of her son and wife.

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Sarah McMullen  Sarah McMullen

Lead Disability Consultant & Business Development Manager

Sarah consults employers on how to create an inclusive workplace and organization for hiring individuals with disabilities through Getting Hired’s full-service disability recruitment solution. As part of this solution, she facilitates Getting Hired’s disability etiquette and awareness trainings for employers.

She is also a member of the All4 Diversity Council with Getting Hired’s sister company, Allegis Global Solutions, which celebrates and raises awareness of diversity within the organization, and in the communities we serve.

Sarah’s passion comes from her previous work as a teacher’s aide at a non-profit arts and education center for individuals with disabilities. In addition to helping facilitate theatre, dance, music, computer studies, and visual arts classes, Sarah also worked directly with one participant in the program. She attributes much of her passion for advocating for individuals with disabilities and helping them find gainful employment with employers to this experience, in addition to having family members with physical and neurological disabilities.

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Dan Dotterdan-dotter

Business Development Manager

As Business Development Manager, Dan is responsible for building relationships and employer partnerships with Talent Acquisition teams, developing new territories, and making Getting Hired the go-to solution for disability inclusion hiring.

Dan lives with a purpose to help others. In his free time he enjoys being outdoors and is a volunteer member of the National Ski Patrol, providing pre-hospital care for sick and injured resort guests. Dan also assists in adaptive ski programs designed for veterans with disabilities and their families. Dan is also color-blind, and has been leading the charge against red and green charts and graphs throughout his career.

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Julia Maxwell

Business Lead

As a Business Lead with Getting Hired, Julia supports the Account Management team as well as managing operational functions of the business. 

Julia’s passion is driven by family members who have been impacted by Multiple Sclerosis, arthritis and learning disabilities. She is excited to join Getting Hired as she wants to help promote diversity and inclusion in the workplace. In her free time, she loves to work on any “do it yourself” project she can make time for.

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Kristen Bailey

Account Manager

As an Account Manager for Getting Hired, Kristen works to build and maintain relationships between our clients and job seekers with disabilities. Within her role, Kristen consults with organizations regarding the implementation of Getting Hired’s full-service disability recruitment solution, in order to help them become more inclusive employers. Kristen is also responsible for outreach to, and management of, multiple national community partnerships with colleges and universities to support their students with disabilities.

She attributes her passion for advocating for individuals with disabilities to her own life experiences. After being diagnosed with systemic lupus erythematosus and inflammatory disease in 2013, Kristen turned her focus to holistic health; she is a certified nutritionist who practices yoga and other forms of cultural and alternative therapies.

Leveraging both her personal and professional experiences, Kristen strives to become a subject matter expert on all things disability recruitment related.

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Pauline Wheeler

Account Manager

As an Account Manager, Pauline aims to strengthen the connection between our employers and job seekers with disabilities. She joined the Allegis Group family in 2016 and is excited to help drive Getting Hired’s mission and goals within the veteran and disability spaces. 

She is originally from the Boston area, but graduated from the University of Maryland, College Park. Pauline is passionate about helping people from all demographics discovering opportunities for personal and professional advancement. Serving veterans and people with disabilities is a special honor as she has family members impacted by diabetes, arthritis, and prosthesis.

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Luke Solomon

Account Manager

As a career Account Manager, Luke is excited to extend his experience to help connect employers with job seekers in the disability space. His goal is to build strong foundations of awareness and knowledge for our partners to develop diverse and inclusive work environments.  

His motivation in promoting inclusion in the work place is driven by immediate family members who have been affected by neurological disorders and spinal cord injuries.

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Lauren Patton

Marketing Manager

As Marketing Manager, Lauren owns and implements the marketing strategy for Getting Hired. Lauren has a broad marketing experience across multiple industries and uses that experience to help Getting Hired connect with job seekers with disabilities by guiding them to positions where they can utilize their talents and excel in their careers.  Lauren also works with Getting Hired’s employer partners to help with their disability recruitment efforts and to build inclusive work environments.

Lauren feels connected to the disability community as she was diagnosed with ADHD late in life. This eye-opening situation has made her view life through a different lens. Lauren is ecstatic to work with an inclusive company that embraces the strengths and differences of their employees. She’s driven each day with Getting Hired to connect others with jobs where they can thrive as she has.

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