Senior Analyst, Digital Project Management

Job Summary

Responsible for managing the creative development, implementation, and production workflow for digital marketing projects for the Walgreens Advertising Group. Experience with Workfront is preferred but not required. Will also lead or support cross functional projects as needed.

Job Responsibilities

• Manages the creative development, implementation, and production workflow for marketing projects.
• Acts as liaison between project initiators/requesters, and the internal creative and production teams and managers. Gathers necessary information, including business goals/objectives, design/messaging information, format specifications, timing, and budget.
• Processes, prepares, publishes and communicates timing and actions to meet established deadlines of projects
• Remains abreast of job status and keeps all concerned informed of the current status of all jobs in progress with regular frequency.
• Manages the routing for approval stages of projects, and reviews proofs during the stages to ensure project objectives have been met and questions/concerns have been addressed.
• Troubleshoots on projects and facilitates resolution on any issues that may jeopardize the timely completion, accuracy and quality of projects.
• Collects artwork, hard copies and all other related job materials for release to appropriate internal personnel or outside vendor.
• Leads the team's more complex creative assignments and mentors other team members.

Basic Qualifications
  • Bachelor's degree and at least 5 years of experience doing project management for creative, execution, and production stages of marketing campaigns and projects.
  • Experience with project management (for example: planning, organizing, and managing resources to bring about the successful completion of specific project goals and objectives).
  • Experience using time management skills such as prioritizing/organizing and tracking details and meeting deadlines of multiple projects with varying completion dates.
  • Intermediate level skill in Microsoft Office 2003 or later: Word (for example: creating and modifying text styles, numbering and sorting lists, working with sections and columns, formatting tables, and using templates and using diagrams and drawing tools), Excel (for example: formatting text and borders of cells, working with workbooks and worksheets, using range names, referencing cells, sorting, and auto filtering) and PowerPoint (for example: creating presentations, adding and removing slides, entering and formatting text, applying design templates, modifying masters, inserting graphics and objects, creating handouts).
  • Intermediate level experience (for example: adding resources to a project, assigning resources to a task, leveling resources across task, assigning costs to a tasks, tracking percent complete, start, and finish dates, and viewing progress through the Ghantt chart or reports) with Microsoft Project 2003 or later.

Preferred Qualifications
  • Experience in the indirect management of team members, including assisting in the development, training and assignment of work/projects to other members of a team.
  • Experience developing and delivering presentations to various audience levels within an organization.
  • Experience in identifying operational issues and recommending and implementing strategies to resolve problems.
  • Experience building and maintaining relationships within a team.

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