Manager II, SMB Account Management - FCHW

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Strategic Business Acumen: Possess knowledge of: Industry, environmental, economic factors and competitors (for example, market fluctuations,
changes in policies or politics, emerging technology, cultural practices); global business strategy; fluency in specialized business vernacular;
translating business knowledge into actionable insights; business management practices across multiple domains such as merchandise, supply chain
marketing, sales, technology, business systems, human resources etc. and in-depth knowledge of company practices; business metrics (for example,
fiscal financial targets, product sales, service line and operational budgets, technology spend). To be able to: Supports the development of business
cases and recommendations. Owns delivery of project activity and tasks assigned by others. Supports process updates and changes. Solves simple
business issues. Demonstrates functional knowledge of the business unit/organization being supported. Communicates business perspective and
understands stakeholder's perspective on the issue at hand. Researches similar businesses and best practices across the industry. Uses the basic
tools necessary for managing expenses, budgets and investments. Describes basic concepts of financial forecasting.

Entrepreneurial Innovation: Possess knowledge of: Overall business targets for all product categories; Assortment of products available across
markets; customer preferences and demand patterns; market pricing and deals across suppliers; concepts like Minimum Viable Product(MVP). To be
able to: Optimizes revenue for the business by sourcing the products at optimal rates. Monitors sales for relevant business segment and customer
feedback periodically to ensure appropriate planning for the future. Identifies novel methods to attain business efficiencies and incorporates the
change needed while working together with suppliers and merchants.

Digital Literacy and Analytics: Possess knowledge of: Sources of Relevant Data; data Analysis Techniques; data Dashboard Tools (for example,
PowerBI, Tableau); sources of Industry Trend information Spreadsheet, Database, Presentation softwares. To be able to: Leverages data analysis
tools to explore simple data, performs basic statistical analysis, derives insights, and creates basic reports. Identifies, implements, and drives
technology change within scope of work. Uses visualization tools to represent data and constructs coherent stories to influence decisions. Explains
how Customer analytics can enhance Customer relationship management. Helps others locate learning resources related to Customer analytics.
Identifies the business units currently using Customer analytics within the organization. Describes the major initiatives that depend on Customer
analytics for successful outcomes Explains the relationship between statistical measurement and business improvement. Explains measurements of
business performance and how to identify trends. Describes the technology and core applications used for tracking business performance and
applying data to business decisions.

Influential Communication: Possess knowledge of: Verbal/Nonverbal behaviors; application and allocation of Business Communication
styles/techniques in ambiguous and challenging situations; emotional Intelligence; situational awareness; communication channels/mediums;
interpersonal skills and universal relationship building with ability to connect seemingly unconnected parties; influencing styles. To be able to:
Organizes thoughts and communicate articulately, confidently, credibly, and concisely in an interdivisional/interdepartmental setup. Presents to and
influences teams, customers, and clients, conveying complex information clearly & accurately and addressing ambiguity in a constructive manner
Independently assembles and prepares reports/material/storyline that have a structure and logical flow (clear, concise & meaningful) and are based
on relevant fact-based information. Influences the teams and leaders to take meaningful action based on sound recommendations. Seeks and provide
constructive feedback, anticipates needs/questions, responds appropriately.

Partnership & Collaboration: Possess knowledge of: Stakeholder identification and mapping; stakeholder analysis; stakeholder communication;
stakeholder engagement techniques; stakeholder management effectiveness tools and methods; fluency in many specialized business vernacular.
To be able to: Engages with team members on a periodic basis and establish credibility. Analyzes stakeholder needs and partners with them to share
relevant information. Fosters a climate of trust and respect; responds effectively and efficiently to requests. Takes a "one team" approach to
collaborate and accomplishes goals for the business.

Seller Lifecycle: Possess knowledge of: Seller segment, business structures, categories, capabilities; key performance metrics and evaluation
techniques; market forces and global trends that may impact Seller performance; business drivers for Sellers, markets and segments. To be able to:
Identifies new and emerging Sellers with differentiating core capabilities. Engages with Sellers to gain insights on category, market trends. Monitors
and reports on Seller performance and implements strategies to improve performance. Reviews Seller details, capabilities and competencies and
submits recommendations to leadership. Collaborates with Sellers and stakeholders to identify and implement innovative ideas.

Negotiation: Possess knowledge of : Negotiation techniques, tactics, tools, processes; internal and external stakeholder mapping; regulatory
requirements and management of supplier agreements. To be able to: Presents own position and listens attentively to position of others. Uses active
listening and probing techniques to surface problems, issues, and interests. Focuses on issues rather than personalities. Demonstrates a willingness
to examine own position. Works to achieve win-win in negotiations, rather than taking a win-lose approach. Adheres to company and regulatory
processes, values, and policies.

Minimum Qualifications...

Outlined below are the required minimum qualifications for this position. If none are listed, there are no minimum qualifications.

Option 1: Bachelor's degree in Business or a related field and 2 years’ experience in Business Management, Marketing, Omni-Channel
Merchandising or a related area. Option 2: 4 years’ experience in Business Management, Marketing, Omni-Channel Merchandising or a related

Preferred Qualifications...

Outlined below are the optional preferred qualifications for this position. If none are listed, there are no preferred qualifications.

Business Management, Marketing, Omni-Channel Merchandising, or a related area

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850 Cherry Avenue, San Bruno, CA 94066-3031, United States of America

San Bruno, CA, United States