Staff Research Associate - Alhambra


Under the general supervision of the Principal Investigator,
Co-Investigator(s) and the direct supervision of the Study Coordinator(s), the
incumbent will be responsible for conducting medical procedures which includes:
performing Blood Pressure, Weight and other Vital Signs and
quantitative/qualitative interviews for medical research. Perform subject
recruitment, participant appointment scheduling, consent, data
collection/management and follow-up at pre-determined time points; Collect
pertinent information from study participants through interviews,
administration of surveys and questionnaires; Set up and assist/perform with
any study procedures such as, but not limited to anthropometry/vital
signs/blood pressure, 12-lead EKG, neuropathy testing using Neuropen and
Vibratory Tuning Fork, spirometry, O2 saturation levels, blood draw, perform
physical function testing using a handheld pressure device and processing urine
collection; Request/collect medical records, death certificates or other
related medical events documentation; Order medical and clinical supplies and
maintain adequate inventory. Must be able to communicate fluent in English and

Strong knowledge of medical terminology and medical research. Interpersonal
skills to interact with patients, families, physicians and co-workers in a
courteous and compassionate manner. Verbal skills to effectively convey
sensitive information in a courteous manner in person or on the telephone.
Ability to work with frequent interruptions. Ability to attend to many details
within a short span of time. Ability to work independently and exercise
appropriate decisions. Ability to follow proper channels of policies &
procedures, communication & work standards. Ability to organize tasks to
facilitate smooth work/patient flow. Ability to work with minimal supervision
and complete assignments in a timely manner. Skill in telephone business
etiquette and a working knowledge of multi-line telephones. Ability to back up
co-workers during staffing crisis situations such as sick leave, vacations, and
emergencies. Ability to work overtime in cases of emergency. Skill in
maintaining a harmonious work atmosphere, practicing excellent customer
service. Skill in interacting with persons on a one-to-one basis of various
social and educational backgrounds and age to obtain medical information.
Flexibility in dealing with changes in workload or assignment, pressures of
deadlines, and competing requirements. Ability to work consistently and
accurately to complete assignments. Skill in writing legible, concise and
grammatically correct documentation in Standard English. Skill in employing
independent decision making techniques while performing various job duties.
Ability to learn and consistently follow program protocols and procedures and
monitor quality assurance with a high level of accuracy and attention to
detail. Skill in focusing on small details, & accurately performing
repetitive tasks thoroughly and consistently, without omitting, forgetting, or
losing items. Skill in working with large research team, as well as efficiently
working with individual team members. Skill in working with word processing,
excel spreadsheets, and data management programs on the computer. Ability to
handle delicate issues with sensitivity, maturity and professionalism. Ability
to maintain confidentiality of patient medical records and information.
Knowledge of Microsoft Word to type miscellaneous correspondence. General
knowledge of medical diagnosis, in order to correctly interpret medical history
and events for purposes of obtaining medical records or other related
documentation. Must be able to work effectively as part of a multidisciplinary
team and with people who represent diversity in age, ethnicity, and cultural
backgrounds. Excellent oral and written communication skills in English and in

Preferred: Certified
phlebotomy technician license or ability to become trained and proficient in
phlebotomy and certified within 3 months after completion of training. Ability
to perform: Blood Pressure, Weight and other Vital signs. Ability to perform:
ECG, Neuropathy Testing using Neuropen and Vibratory Tuning Fork. Ability to
perform: Spirometry, physical function testing using a handheld pressure

UCLA is an Equal Opportunity/Affirmative Action employer. All qualified applicants will receive consideration for employment without regard to race, color, religion, sex, sexual orientation, gender identity, national origin, disability, or protected Veteran status.