Advanced Signal Technology R&D Engineer

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Job Title: Advanced Signal Technology R&D Engineer in photonic devices and GHz circuits and systems: -

Location: Dallas/Santa Clara

Job Description:

Kilby Labs in an open, highly engaged and collaborative environment with many experts in wide range of areas crossing process, packaging, systems, circuits and transducers addressing future real world system solutions for applications covering industrial, automotive and other market segments.

This Kilby Labs engineering position involves the research and development in combined photonic devices, photo detectors and front end circuits, devices and systems. The role involves working to develop new device structures, new circuits to enable ultra high speed and optical front ends that could also be part of mixed RF/THz and optical systems. The processes we will be using would be either TI proprietary or foundry CMOS, HV CMOS or SiGe and specialized devices to be heterogeneously integrated to provide highly differentiating functions. The research in hybrid solutions that involves optical elements, mmWave/THz passives/antennas, specialized MEMs and other devices can enable multiple new capabilities. From the most accurate 3D sensing of time of flight to the most precise clock generation to the fsec or part per trillion resolutions.

The ability to work with experienced team with cross disciplinary expertise to define, innovate and design key building from devices to RF, analog or mixed signal building blocks on the signal path would be a key part of that role. Innovations that result in higher precision, performance, lower energy per function or cost differentiation are expected. Familiarity with modeling and budgeting of system noise and linearity and understanding of the tradeoffs in different signal chain components contribution to a system spec is expected. There will be ample opportunities to engage, mentor and learn from others in the Lab to collaborate on defining a new solution and an approach of implementing it.

We are looking for a dynamic, self-motivated, innovative, hard-working and results-oriented individual to contribute in an extremely talented team environment.

Put your talent to work with us as a systems engineer- change the world, love your job!

Minimum requirements:
  • PhD or M.Sc in Electrical, or equivalent experience in Electrical and Computer engineering with background in high speed circuits in RF, mmWave, THz or Giga sample per second signal path elements.
  • Minimum GPA requirement: 3.0
  • Has experience with IC/component design and capable of circuit level and system level simulations and device modeling. Familiar with circuit and mixed mode simulation environments including SPICE.
  • Has experience with SiGe process, photo-detectors, photonic components and device simulations related to such capabilities. Familiarity with device TCAD simulation tools, such as Medici or others.
  • Some proficiency with system simulation tools such as Matlab/Simulink or ADS to develop system simulations at different levels of abstraction is desired. Ability to analyze systems across optical, analog and digital boundaries. Some familiarity with optical simulation tools.
  • Evidence of experience in resolving differences between simulation and real time prototype silicon.
  • Excited about innovation; results-oriented and driven individual to deliver solutions on-time with high quality.

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