Genomics Machine Learning Research Scientist

Job Description

The Genome Technologies and Computational Sciences (GTCS) group at Biogen is seeking a machine learning research scientist to join in the mission of designing study and applying machine learning and deep learning techniques to omics and biomedical data. The successful candidate will work closely with computational biology experts, IT, geneticists, biologists to design and analyze various Omics studies and biomedical images (fundus images for example) from large registry data (such as UK Biobank). The scientist in this role will build and maintain integrative analysis workflows, cross-indication databases and web-based visualization tool; maintain biological knowledge base, keep the analytical results up-to-date with update of analytical tools, data bases and data sources; apply AI/ML techniques, mainly image-based applications for biomedical problems (single cell transcriptomics, spatial transcriptomics, viral variant calling, fundus images etc.); NGS support in Gene Therapy Accelerator Unit (GTxAU).


  • Hands-on experience with Omics (bulk RNAseq, DNA-seq, microRNA-seq, especially single cell RNA-seq) data analysis
  • Extensive experience using UNIX Bash and high-performance computing (HPC) environment
  • Strong programming experience in Python
  • Experience with deep learning frameworks Keras and/or PyTorch
  • Experience applying latest AI/ML techniques in computer vision data processing and image classification analysis
  • Hands-on experience in large-scale imaging data processing and analysis and on distributed computing systems
  • Solid knowledge of statistics and machine learning
  • Excellent interpersonal and communication skills; proven ability to work effectively within a team

  • Demonstrated ability to work collaboratively within cross-functional teams
  • Excellent written and verbal communication skills, be able to communicate effectively in technical and non-technical languages
  • Knowledge about gene therapy


Ph.D., MS (or equivalent work experience) in Computational Biology, Systems Biology, Bioengineering, or related field. Candidates with less experience but very strong technical background will also be considered.

Additional Information

Biogen’s US Alzheimer’s Franchise is looking to recruit proven and ambitious sales achievers with at least five years of experience in pharma, specialty, hospital, med device/capital equipment, and/or biotech sales.
In this field-based, specialty sales representative position you will be called upon to sell our products with key stakeholders in the Alzheimer’s Disease community: including Neurologists and allied health professionals.