Area Manager, Technical/Equipment Support - Pharmacy H&W Non-Store Operations

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Influential Communication: Possesses knowledge of: Verbal/nonverbal behaviors; application and allocation of business communication styles/techniques in ambiguous and challenging situations; situational awareness; communication channels/mediums; interpersonal skills and universal relationship building with ability to connect seemingly unconnected parties; influencing styles. To be able to carry out the following responsibilities: Organizes thoughts and communicates credibly and concisely within scope. Presents to and influences team members and business partners, conveying messages through a basic understanding of the relevant context. Utilizes relevant data and fact-based information to articulate results and provide a recommendation in a structured manner. Actively listens to others, seeks and provides constructive feedback, and provides ideas/recommendations on processes. Proactively builds a professional network.

Data and Digital Acumen: Possesses knowledge of: Data collection modes, techniques, and tools; data analytics and visualization tools and techniques; existing and upcoming digital applications and systems; technology innovation trends and industry benchmarks; data governance; data science techniques and applications. To be able to carry out the following responsibilities: Leverages data analysis tools to explore simple data, performs basic statistical analysis, derives insights, and creates basic reports. Identifies, implements, and drives technology change within scope of work. Suggests tasks that can be automated using technology. Applies digital techniques and tools for effective representation of data to stakeholders. Identifies opportunities for improving Walmart's data-driven decision-making.

System Management and Support: Possesses knowledge of: System issue resolution processes, diagnostic procedures, and system navigation. To be able to carry out the following responsibilities: Identifies and escalates unusual problems. Follows proper notifications and escalation procedures. Tracks and resolves common types of problems for relevant systems. Documents resolution progress and provides feedback to stakeholders.

Troubleshoots typical technical problems using available tools and procedures. Describes actions, tools, and procedures for problem reporting, solving, and resolution. Utilizes specific tools and methods for isolating system problems and defining resolution approaches. Explains the impact of planned changes, contingencies. Tests and implements changes to local system tools and documents changes. Interacts with appropriate personnel to coordinate support efforts. Understands and utilizes diagnostic tools and techniques. Resolves common system tool problems.

HIPAA and Compliance: Possesses knowledge of: Federal and state compliance policies (for example, Vision screeners, Associate OD states, Fair Market Value, NJ optician licensing equipment requirements, HIPAA, Sarbanes-Oxley). To be able to carry out the following responsibilities: Identifies key issues covered under the law (for example, HIPPA, Sarbanes-Oxley). Describes the background and rationales of applicable laws. Highlights the implications of HIPAA on the organization. Adheres to established internal standards and procedures abstracted from HIPAA.

Partnership & Collaboration: Possesses knowledge of: Stakeholder identification and mapping; stakeholder analysis; stakeholder communication; stakeholder engagement techniques; stakeholder management effectiveness tools and methods; fluency in specialized business vernacular. To be able to carry out the following responsibilities: Supports the development of business cases and recommendations. Owns the delivery of project activity and tasks assigned by others. Supports process updates and changes. Solves simple business issues. Demonstrates functional knowledge of the business unit/organization being supported.

Equipment Service and Support: Possesses knowledge of: Use of various hand tools (for example, hand-drills, grinders, drill presses, screwdrivers, mallets, Allen wrenches, pliers); use of precision measuring tools (for example, lensometers, gauge masters, seg aligners, calibration tools, calipers.); types of lubricants and their applications (for example, lubricating versus penetrating oils).

To be able to carry out the following responsibilities: Performs routine installations and upgrades, seeking guidance when needed. Maintains databases of known problems. Searches databases and produces reports as needed. Assists in installations, upgrades, and repairs for a limited range of equipment. Helps troubleshoot and repair a variety of products in an apprentice capacity. Updates standards and procedures to correspond with equipment upgrades. Analyzes codes, logs, and current systems as part of advanced troubleshooting. Handles calls, emails, and Service Now tickets related to equipment features, common issues, and questions. Records and reports specific technical problems, solving processes and tools that have been used. Works with vendor-specific diagnostic guides, operator manuals, nomenclatures, tools, and utilities. Determines and uses various hand tools (for example, drills, grinders, drill presses) to perform repairs. Applies lubricants and/or penetrating oils to equipment for repairs.

System Administration: Possesses knowledge of: Information security standards and data security processes. To be able to carry out the following responsibilities: Identifies the basic issues and considerations of collecting and processing personal and sensitive business data. Identifies the type of information that needs to be protected and secured. Demonstrates an understanding of practices and tools for maintaining critical retail organization data. Identifies tools and facilities used for maintaining corporate data as a critical resource. Recognizes the types of information needing protection and security. Understands and navigates the process and structure used to gain information access. Executes the basic concepts involved in securing electronic information.

Service Workflow: Possesses knowledge of: Procedures for organizing work priorities, warranty support documentation types, and service agreement processes. To be able to carry out the following responsibilities: Organizes work priorities, event updates, outages, programs, and activities, as well as the work of others. Monitors work priority plan delays and explains the reason for delays to stakeholders. Follows appropriate prioritization procedures and prioritizes actions. Creates action plans that ensure the accomplishment of scheduled activities. Raises awareness of potential bottlenecks and disruptions to schedules. Addresses the types of support not covered by a specific service agreement. Reviews warranty support documentation for applicability. Works with partners on warranty repairs, work orders, and discrepancies. Works with a specific aspect of warranty processing.

Customer Service Management: Possesses knowledge of: Customer service standards; customer issue resolution processes; service request processes. To be able to carry out the following responsibilities: Analyzes problem trends and takes steps to avoid recurrence. Facilitates the resolution of customer problems, issues, or concerns. Ensures the identification of customer needs and priorities. Monitors and reports on the delivery of customer service. Manages expectations of third-party technicians and vendor help desk technicians who provides direct customer service.

Vendor Management: Possesses Knowledge of: Vendor policies; vendor request processes; vendor quality standards. To be able to carry out the following responsibilities: Acts as the routine contact point between the organization and vendors. Resolves routine supplier issues. Escalates nonroutine issues up the chain of command. Researches alternative vendors or suppliers. Provides feedback on supplier options and selection. Follows procedures in carrying out routine supplier management tasks. Works with vendors to ensure that purchases meet delivery dates and quality specifications.

Must have HS Diploma or Equivalent


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2252 N 8TH ST, ROGERS, AR 72756-2842, United States of America

Rogers, AR, United States