Senior Data Analyst - Search and Personalization

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Walmart Global Tech's mission is simple: to innovateonOmnichannel retail to help our customers save time and money and live a better life. Weobsessaboutunderstanding ouruserand their desired outcomes.We develop retailsolutions byusingcutting edgetechnology andcustomer-first mindset, which delight our customers.We are a team which is growingvery fastas we change the face of online retail and define thenext generation of ecommerce. Come join us on this journey!

More about theRole:

The Digital Experiences team is building a flexible platform and applications to power online search experiences and personalization strategies across Walmart's International eCommerce brands. Search and Personalization are key enablers that help customers shop with confidence and as a result grow our online businesses. We are improving millions of customer journeys by serving the right content across many digital touchpoints to every customer. Our services are used across many digital storefronts and are called billions times of day.

We are looking for a Data Analyst to join theDigital Experiencesorganization,to helpbuilda strong foundationfor gathering and using data to make the most informed decision as we develop the next generation ecommerce technology.We are looking for someone who is as passionate as we areabout understanding the user andhow they interact withour business to best serve their needs.

What you’ll do
  • Understand the data sources and streamline them into business and productdashboardswhich help keep track of the overall business and platform performance in real-time.
  • Helpgrow theculture of data-based decision making bybringing industry best practices on tools, tagging,reportingand analysis.
  • Help bring data-standardization across market banners.
  • Supporttheexperiment-basedproduct development byhelpingthe Product and Strategy teamsinsetting-up and analyzingA/B and Multivariate test data andprovideactionable recommendations for businessstakeholders.
  • Provide actionable insights, business impact & recommendations on key metrics and segments to determine if an experiment is successful.
  • Measure post-launch metrics and work with Product Owners to understand feature performance and areas to optimize.
  • Work to pull raw transactional data and manipulate it in excel/tableau/Power BI/R/BigQuery to answer questions that inform product/feature prioritization and design decisions.
  • Run exploratory analysis of site performance and customer data toidentifykey areas of the site that can beoptimized.
  • Work closely with product management to create new feature test plans and decision treesin order todrive a “test and learn” culture within the organization.
  • Work with product, web & app engineering teams to implement and test new product feature roll outs.
  • Work with product and search teams to help drive personalization and improve customer experience.


This role will focus on supportingProduct Managementand Strategy functions, understandingcustomerdata andproduct performance,building automation and creating efficiencies where you identifythem.
  • 3-5 years of experience in a data team working on customer and business data sets.
  • Master’s degree Statistics, Applied Math,Economicsor related fieldspreferred.
  • Web and Mobile analytics skills: Google Analytics and/or Adobe Omniture.
  • App Analytics skills: Firebase, Flurry.
  • Testing and Optimization tools: Google Optimize, Adobe target, Optimizely
  • Knowledge of web/app tagging & debugging tools like omnibug, google tag manager, charles
  • Expert/intermediate level knowledge of reporting and visualization tools like Excel, Tableau, Looker, Google Data Studio, Power BI.
  • Strong knowledge of experiments design and testing methodologies.
  • Ability to use quantitative methods to answercomplex business questions.
  • Experience deriving business insights from large, complex, multi-dimensional data sets using tools like SQL, R, Python, Google BigQuery(BQ)/GCS
  • Excellent communication and relationship-building skills, with a high attention to detail.
  • Sharp business judgement and ability to see past the noise in data.
  • Must have passion for problemsolving,critical thinking and data.
  • Must be comfortable with adopting new tools and recommendingnew technologieswhich can improve the data ecosystem on the team.
  • Work with product to develop web & app product measurement & implementation requirements for new search & personalization features.
  • Work closely with web & app engineering teams to implement search & personalization product release features.

Minimum Qualifications...

Outlined below are the required minimum qualifications for this position. If none are listed, there are no minimum qualifications.

Option 1: Bachelor's degree in Business, Engineering, Statistics, Economics, Analytics, Mathematics, Arts, Finance or related field and 2 years'
experience in data analysis, data science, statistics, or related field. Option 2: Master's degree in Business, Engineering, Statistics, Economics,
Analytics, Mathematics, Computer Science, Information Technology or related field. Option 3: 4 years' experience in data analysis, data science,
statistics, or related field.

Preferred Qualifications...

Outlined below are the optional preferred qualifications for this position. If none are listed, there are no preferred qualifications.

Data science, data analysis, statistics, or related field, Master’s degree in Business, Computer Science, Engineering, Statistics, Economics, Analytics, Mathematics, Computer Science, Information Technology or related field, Related industry experience (for example, retail, merchandising, healthcare, eCommerce), Successful completion of assessments in data analysis and Business Intelligence tools and scripting languages (for example, SQL, Python, Spark, Scala, R, Power BI, or Tableau)

Primary Location...

640 W California Avenue, Sunnyvale, CA 94086-4828, United States of America

Sunnyvale, CA, United States