Scientist II, H.T.E. Medicinal Chemist

Job Description

We have an exciting opportunity to leverage synthesis, automation, and data science to discover new medicines to treat CNS and immunological disorders. We are looking for a creative, highly motivated scientist with a strong background in synthetic chemistry to be part of our team. The successful candidate will have a curious mind-set to apply cutting edge approaches to drive the implementation of high-throughput experimentation (H.T.E.) to impact our small molecule drug discovery programs and parallel medicinal chemistry (PMC) efforts.

The position will be in the Chemical Technologies group concentrating on H.T.E. to support programs from the Hit ID through the Lead Optimization phase of discovery. As an agile team-player, the candidate will work with an experienced team of analytical scientists, computational, medicinal and process chemists, and has the opportunity to further develop their skills and knowledge in automation, analytical technologies, and data analytics.

Biogen has made a substantial investment in a state-of-the-art automation platform to support and perform H.T.E. and PMC and in this role the candidate will be expected to influence future investments in the platform.
  • Significantly contribute to the vision and ongoing laboratory investments to support H.T.E.
  • Establish robust workflows that enable the rapid design and execution of small-scale chemistry experiments for a wide range of transformations
  • Analyze multidimensional data to derive at sound hypotheses and new experimental directions for chemical reaction optimizations that impact project teams
  • Collaborate with internal and external chemistry teams, providing expert advice and opinion on how to leverage H.T.E. for maximal impact
  • Stay up to date in areas of pursuit by researching relevant literature and other external intellectual property resources to leverage latest advances in chemistry and automation for project impact
  • Discuss and communicate scientific results at project/group meetings, decision boards, and external conferences
  • Mentor, coach, and train a dynamic team of scientific associates and peers on topics of reaction optimization and library synthesis
  • Contribute to patents and scientific publications


  • Ph.D. (or equivalent degree) in organic chemistry and 3-5 years of post-doctoral experience, preferably within the biotechnology and/or pharmaceutical industry
  • Master’s degree (or equivalent degree) in organic or medicinal chemistry or related science and 7+ years of relevant employment experience
  • B.S. (or equivalent degree) in chemistry or related discipline and 10+ years of professional experience working in a medicinal chemistry lab setting with strong knowledge of chemical synthetic techniques both theoretical and practical
  • A strong commitment to experimental research in the application of synthetic organic chemistry for drug discovery
  • Previous experience in design of experiments, reaction optimization, automation, parallel synthesis, or other technologies in the context of organic synthesis is required
  • Experience with analytical chemistry techniques and protocols for small scale H.T.E. desired
  • Demonstrated ability to routinely integrate and advance innovative concepts, particularly technology applied in medicinal chemistry and chemical automation
  • Demonstrated ability to innovate and to drive cutting-edge chemistry, and to derive at flexible synthetic routes to introduce multiple diversification points
  • Excellent multi-tasking skills and ability to keep track of progress on multiple projects
  • Ability to work to deadlines in a fast-paced laboratory workplace
  • A strong desire to continuous learning and professional growth
  • General chemistry lab safety understanding and awareness
  • Excellent verbal and written communication skills

Additional Information

Biogen’s US Alzheimer’s Franchise is looking to recruit proven and ambitious sales achievers with at least five years of experience in pharma, specialty, hospital, med device/capital equipment, and/or biotech sales.
In this field-based, specialty sales representative position you will be called upon to sell our products with key stakeholders in the Alzheimer’s Disease community: including Neurologists and allied health professionals.