Emergency Operations (EO) Specialist

Minimum Clearance Required to Start:
Top Secret SCI
Job Description:

Parsons Corporation is seeking candidates to join a highly successful team that has won and performed over $100 Million of Defense Threat Reduction Agency (DTRA) work around the world for more than 20 years. This challenging and exciting work will provide you the opportunity to travel CONUS and OCONUS to the most important DoD defense systems and critical infrastructure to ensure the survivability of any threat or attack. This is an exciting opportunity to experience travelling to destinations around the world and protecting mission critical infrastructure.

The Defense Threat Reduction Agency (DTRA), Nuclear Enterprise Support Directorate (NE) performs integrated, multidisciplinary, Balanced Survivability Assessments (BSAs) that assess survivability of critical U.S. and allied national/theater mission systems, networks, architectures, infrastructures, and assets.BSA teams aim to ensure continuity to DoD missions and critical infrastructure by assessing the vulnerabilities and survivability of these infrastructure against a broad spectrum of threats including accidents, natural disasters, technological failure, information system attacks, terrorists, radio frequency weapons (RFW), sabotage, and weapons of mass destruction (WMD).

In order to ensure continuity of DoD Missions and to maintain continuous operations of critical infrastructure, it is imperative to have fully functional BSA teams (1) to conduct Blue Team Assessments; (2) to provide specific SME assistance to Technical Support Projects (TSPs); (3) to provide Design Review assistance; and (4) to provide technical assistance to the Home Team. The size and skillsets of each team will vary and include those required to execute each mission. The resource needs of each mission and/or stakeholder requests will be identified and managed by DTRA.

BSA assessments include, but are not limited to, examining surveillance operations, physical security, telecommunications (e.g., video, voice and data, commercial and military), information operations (e.g., computer networks, IA tools use, operations security), structural protection and response (to include blast effects modeling and consideration of anti-terrorism/force protection standards), utility subsystems (e.g., power and heating, ventilation, and air conditioning reliability and endurance), weapons of mass destruction protection, emergency operations (e.g., emergency preparedness, fire protection, emergency response, disaster control and recovery, continuity of operations), and electromagnetic protection (e.g., electromagnetic pulse and radio frequency weapon susceptibility, lightning protection). The BSA mission, by necessity, is fluid and requires the teams operating within these environments to be adaptable.

BSA teams may be deployed to high-threat, but permissive environments anywhere in the world.

The EO Specialist's responsibilities include understanding policies, plans, procedures, training, equipment, organization, and response management to a wide variety of emergencies including natural disasters, technological and human accidents (to include fire), and hostile incidents. The EO Specialist identifies all aspects of EO-related vulnerabilities, increases the customer's awareness of potential vulnerabilities and impacts on mission execution capability, and provides recommendations to mitigate or eliminate identified vulnerabilities. Additionally, the EO Specialist recommends methods to reduce vulnerabilities and improve response capabilities, and evaluates the site/facility continuity of operations planning (COOP) capability to prepare for, respond to, and recover from, various mission-threatening emergencies.

Required Skills/Qualifications:
  • Extensive knowledge and understanding of applicable National Fire and Protection Association NFPA, DoDI, 29 CFR and UFC Standards and best practices.
  • Professional certification in: emergency management; or fire protection; or business continuity. Additionally, possess training or experience in any area not formally certified.

Must have an Active Top Secret Clearance with SCI Eligibility.
Must be able to obtain, maintain and/or currently possess a security clearance.