Fiber Laser Engineer

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Job Description:

Your new career starts here as our next Fiber Laser Engineer working closely in Albuquerque, NM with research personnel to plan and implement experimental setups, hardware and prototype designs. You will get to be involved with development and testing of novel fiber laser systems, including high power CW fiber amplifiers and novel pulsed fiber laser sources, working with electrical, optical, and cooling systems. Exciting right!!!

Fun challenges you will have on the job:
- Splicing fiber laser components, including PM and non-PM 125, 240, 400 µm, and larger fibers.
- Splice program development and optimization for novel fiber designs which may include step index, microstructure, and hollow core fibers.
- Laser and amplifier performance characterization including measuring M2, spectral linewidth, amplifier spectrum output, SBS characteristics, MI characteristics, Optical to Optical efficiency, SRS, PER, amplifier transient behavior, and amplifier thermal loading.
- Laser system assembly including interlock setup, cooling assembly and test, electrical configuration and assembly.
- Design and assembly of benchtop optical layouts for testing fiber amplifier performance, beam combination testing, and other required setups as may be defined.
- Generate test documentation describing amplifier performance metrics based on amplifier tests and required information.
- Provide regular reports for completed work.
- Perform routine laboratory maintenance and cleanup.

This is you:
- BS with 2+ years of relevant experience, or Masters with less than 2 years of prior experience
- Knowledge of fiber lasers and amplifiers
- 2+ years operational experience with fiber lasers or amplifiers
- Understanding of underlying fiber amplifier optical processes, and limitations
- Must be able to obtain and maintain a Secret security clearance
- Ability to combine information from processes, material designs, optical and thermal performance to provide effective failure analysis
- Ability to splice optical fibers
- Ability to obtain and maintain a government security clearance
- Ability and willingness to adhere to government safety requirements
- Ability to work effectively with minimal supervision
- Ability to effectively communicate with engineers and other employees
- Ability to organize and effectively work on multiple projects at the same time
- Willingness to learn and develop new skills

You will wow us even more if you have these skills:
- MS with 2+ years experience with kW class fiber laser amplifiers
- Solid understanding of fiber amplifier design from low power preamplifier levels (10's of watts) to high power amplifier design (kW level)
- Experience with single mode output high power fiber laser amplifier
- Experience with spectral/coherent fiber laser amplifier beam combination
- Understanding of the underlying non-linear phenomena impacting fiber laser amplifier performance(SBS, MI, Modulation Instability, etc...)
- 2 + years' experience with 10xxnm and 20xx nm fiber lasers and amplifiers
- Component level assembly of kW class fiber laser systems
- Current DoD secret clearance


Pay Range: