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Technology Innovation - Summer Associate Principal - Labs Visiting Researcher

Business and Financial Operations



San Francisco, California, United States

We are:

[Register to View] target="_blank" data-cmp-clickable data-cmp-data-layer="{"joblistingdetail-description-item0-e3b0c44298":{"analytics-link-name":"technology [Register to View] Innovation creates lasting value across the enterprise. Companies can use innovative technologies to identify new ways to reach consumers and build enterprise resilience. Our technology innovation capabilities can help you craft a long-term vision, architect the right solutions for the journey, and ensure your investments for today’s "life raft" are part of building tomorrow’s competitive advantage.

How we innovate:

[Register to View] target="_blank" data-cmp-clickable data-cmp-data-layer="{"joblistingdetail-description-item1-e3b0c44298":{"analytics-link-name":"accenture [Register to View] Labs incubates new concepts and applies the latest technologies to create prototypes that solve problems for business and society.

Accenture Labs gives students the opportunities to work on applied R&D projects with senior researchers across a host of application areas and research topics including [Register to View] target="_blank" data-cmp-clickable data-cmp-data-layer="{"joblistingdetail-description-item2-e3b0c44298":{"analytics-link-name":"artificial [Register to View] intelligence, [Register to View] target="_blank" data-cmp-clickable data-cmp-data-layer="{"joblistingdetail-description-item3-e3b0c44298":{"analytics-link-name":"human-computer [Register to View] interaction, [Register to View] target="_blank" data-cmp-clickable data-cmp-data-layer="{"joblistingdetail-description-item4-e3b0c44298":{"analytics-link-name":"cybersecurity","analytics-link-type":"engagement","xdm:linkURL":"","analytics-engagement":"true"}}">cybersecurity, [Register to View] target="_blank" data-cmp-clickable data-cmp-data-layer="{"joblistingdetail-description-item5-e3b0c44298":{"analytics-link-name":"software [Register to View] infrastructure, [Register to View] target="_blank" data-cmp-clickable data-cmp-data-layer="{"joblistingdetail-description-item6-e3b0c44298":{"analytics-link-name":"the business and social impact of emerging technology [Register to View] business and social impact of emerging technology trends and [Register to View] target="_blank" data-cmp-clickable data-cmp-data-layer="{"joblistingdetail-description-item7-e3b0c44298":{"analytics-link-name":"emerging technologies such as smart materials and [Register to View] technologies such as smart materials and biocomputing.

Where you can fit in Labs:

Artificial Intelligence (AI) - The Artificial Intelligence R&D Group is focused on applied research in AI & Machine Learning. We focus on cooperative intelligence: how to design AI systems that will work cooperatively with people and apply human knowledge at scale, including knowledge-driven ML, explainable AI, conversational AI and intelligent privacy. Through leading-edge AI techniques, Accenture Labs R&D discovers new ways to solve business’ biggest challenges.

Future Technologies (FT) The Future Technologies R&D Group explores the intersection of computing and other rapidly advancing disciplines to enable a new generation of smart products and services at the edge. We have backgrounds in human computer interaction, material science, neuroscience, biology, chemistry, computer science and artificial intelligence, electrical engineering, and other disciplines. Our research focuses on creating smart and sustainable environments, new advanced manufacturing techniques, neurorobotics and other applications of neuromorphic computing, energy harvesting and storage and biotechnology and biocomputing.

Digital Experiences (DE) - The Digital Experiences R&D Group applies immersive experiences and other pioneering technology to elevate customer and employee engagement. The primary purpose of our applied research is to address important business problems by transforming the way people interact with technology in various facets of their lives including: the way connected workers team with machines on the job; the way retail customers experience a digitally-enhanced buying experience; and the way smart products can improve the way consumers live. In these contexts, we explore the impact of extended reality, crowdsourcing, physical and virtual robots, and more.

Cybersecurity - The Security R&D Group applies advanced threat detection and management techniques to help our clients better defend the enterprise. The Accenture Cyber Labs in DC is focused on applied research in Cybersecurity, Cloud, AI & ML and Quantum Computing.

Systems & Platforms (S&P) The Systems & Platforms R&D Group develops architecture needed to support next-gen applications that use more AI, process more data, and span ecosystems. We explore and define new research problems that may involve a multi-disciplinary coalition in computer science, cloud services, modern database architectures, and knowledge graphs.

Technology Vision - The Accenture Technology Vision is the premier thought leadership that Accenture produces. The annual publication influences board room conversations at Global 2000 clients and is used internally to define Accenture’s R&D, talent, and M&A agendas and strategies. We are a multidisciplinary team with backgrounds in engineering, social science, public policy, and journalism to name a few. We do qualitative and quantitative research to forecast and feature future technology trends that will shape businesses in the coming years.