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Altice USA


Business and Financial Operations


Full Time

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Scott Depot, West Virginia, United States

We are Altice USA; a family of businesses that includes Optimum, Optimum Mobile, Optimum Business, A4 advertising, Cheddar, and News12. Our common goal is connecting our customers to friends and family, shows they love, advertising that resonates and news that matters. We're building a workforce that thrives on collaboration, inclusion, and innovation. We hope connecting you to a potential role is just the beginning.

Under general supervision the Broadband Technician (BBT) III – OSP repairs and maintains the fiber and coaxial transport and distribution cable services including residential and business video, data, telephone, and security. As needed supports repair and maintenance of headend electronics and critical infrastructure equipment. Performs troubleshooting from the headend to the customer's electronic devices. Supports and mentors lower level technicians and fulfills service and installation as needed to exceed customer needs.

  • Provides quality internal and external customer service reflecting the Company values
  • Fulfills demand maintenance and preventive maintenance by troubleshooting and repairing the transport, trunk, and distribution networks from the Master Telecommunication Center (headend) to customer's electronic devices
  • Maintains a unity gain network
  • Performs all duties of Broadband Technician I, II, and III as necessary
  • Troubleshoots and repairs the distribution network from headend to customer's electronic devices
  • Has experience working in FTTx and/or RFoG networks
  • Maintains network integrity through preventive maintenance
  • Resolves issues at installation and on scheduled service call from customer’s electronic devices to tap
  • Installs, tests and troubleshoots Company services including video, data and telephone from tap to customer electronic devices
  • Educates customers regarding use of installed products; explains waivers, agreements, customer release forms, charges and billing procedures
  • Determines customer's current service levels; inquiries about customer preferences and needs; recommends service upgrades or additional products
  • Resolves or escalates customer complaints, as appropriate
  • Uses automated routing system or plans daily route; requisitions equipment and supplies; stocks Company vehicle
  • Meets scheduled appointment windows
  • Completes work orders and other documentation on paper or by mobile device
  • Uses small hand tools, power tools, meters, and other test equipment
  • Maintains and secures Company truck and equipment
  • Works on regularly scheduled days as well as unscheduled days and beyond regular work hours as required
  • Performs other duties as assigned
  • Participates in on call rotation


  • Internal Field Service Technician applicants must fully complete their field service career progression program to be deemed eligible.
  • High school diploma or equivalent
  • Appropriate valid driver's license and driving record within Company standards. Ability to obtain current DOT (Department of Transportation) medical card and valid CDL (Commercial Driver's License) where applicable; must comply with all applicable DOT requirements
  • Ability to drive Company vehicle in a safe and responsible manner
  • Qualified to obtain all necessary licenses required by the state in which he/she is installing and/or servicing security services (if applicable).
  • Knowledge of basic mathematics
  • Knowledge of basic electronics
  • Skill in using a Windows-based computer
  • Ability to comprehend and operate appropriate testing equipment (e.g. signal level meters, ohm meters)
  • Ability to prioritize and organize effectively
  • Ability to work independently and with others
  • Bi-lingual proficiency preferred in some locations
  • Ability to communicate in person and by telephone
  • Vision ability: close vision, peripheral vision, and ability to adjust focus; ability to differentiate between different sizes and colors of wires
  • Hand and finger dexterity to carry and to use tools and equipment as necessary
  • Ability to work while standing 50 - 70% of the time
  • Ability to use any equipment in a safe manner, in accordance with company, industry and regulatory standards
  • Ability to safely lift 75 pounds
  • Ability to carry, climb and operate extension ladder, (approx. 28 ft high and 75 pounds).
  • Accommodation with 50-pound maximum lifting is available.
  • Ability to climb poles using gaffs, hooks and climbing belt (weight limit of 350 pounds) as needed
  • Ability to work in confined spaces such as crawlspaces and attics by crawling, bending, reaching, twisting
  • BDS certification preferred
  • Home security installation experience preferred
  • Minimum of 6 months BBT III level experience preferred or equivalent work experience
  • Working Conditions
  • Work indoors in poorly ventilated areas such as attics during extreme heat
  • Work performed near power lines and electricity
  • Work, including travel, outdoors in adverse weather conditions day or night
  • Exposure to dust, dirt, noise, insects, cleaning solutions
  • Lifting/Carrying:
  • Ladders: Various types of ladders lifted frequently throughout the shift and may be carried over unlevel surfaces for up to 50 feet occasionally. Upon arrival at the jobsite, the technician must determine which ladder is needed to best access service. Ladders are lifted/removed from designated storage areas in/on vehicle and lifted for repositioning at jobsites. Vehicle ladder storage racks are at heights about 75'.
  • 6-foot A-Frame Ladder: 20#
  • 14-foot Ladder: 35#, maneuvered to/from ladder rack on Vehicle.
  • 18-foot, 3-piece Sectioned Ladder: 36# when assembled.
  • 28-foot Extension Ladder (rated to 375#): 70#, maneuvered to/from ladder rack.
  • Method for carrying ladder will be dependent upon space available at the jobsite:
  • Shoulder carry (most common) - Ladder lowered to rest horizontally on one shoulder, balanced with arm/hand on ladder.
  • Front carry - Ladder carried in the upright position in front of the body. Mostly used in more narrow spaces (between buildings) when ladder must be moved laterally.
  • Suitcase carry - Ladder carried horizontally at the side, using one or both hands.
  • Cable: Spool of RG6 (single)- 14 ¿' Diameter, weighs 42#: May also be placed on
  • Portable caddy that weighs 8#, for a total carry weight of 50# occasionally.
  • Spool of RG6 (double) - 21 ¿' Diameter, weighs 75#
  • Spool of RG11 - 22' Diameter, weighs 85#
  • Spools may be lifted from the ground, carried for up to 50 feet, and placed in vehicle on cable reel 12'H off floor of Vehicle.
  • Boxes of Cable: 19' x 19' x 11'H (one handle @11'), weighs 28#
  • 14' x 14' x 11'H (one handle @11'), weighs 31#
  • May be lifted from ground and in/out of cargo space of vehicle and carried for up to 50 feet. Spools and boxes may be carried up as many as four flights of stairs occasionally.
  • Equipment Bag, loaded with components (converters, DVR boxes, etc.): 18'H x 14' W x 15' D, strap adjustable from 18' L to 34' L, maximum weight of 42# when fully loaded. Bag lifted from floor or from `cage' and carried for up to 10 feet occasionally. Small dolly available to transport bag for longer distances (from depot to service vehicle).
  • Tackle box with small equipment: 17' W x 16' D x 10'H (small handle @10'H), weighs 30#. May be lifted from the ground and from cargo space in Vehicle for repositioning and may be carried for up to 50 feet occasionally.
  • Tool bags/belts: Tool belt with safety straps attached, weighs 10# and worn around waist.
  • Tool pouch containing small hand tools, weighs up to 9#.
  • Trilithic meter weighs 6#.
  • Technician may ascend/descend ladder wearing all these tools, adding an additional 25 pounds to climbing activities.
  • Pushing/Pulling:
  • Ladders: 40# of overhead vertical force required when raising/lowering the 28-foot extension ladder from horizontal (on the ground) into a vertical position.
  • 32# of one-armed pull force (diagonal or horizontal plane of motion) when pulling ladder extension rope. Pull performed with one hand, as the other hand is used to stabilize ladder in an upright position.
  • Climbing:
  • Ladders: Step heights of 12'. May climb to highest allowable point of 28-foot extension ladder multiple times per job (occasional overall per shift, but multiple repetitions of up to 6x performed within one service call). Ladder may be leaned against a building or may be secured to an overhead cable which increases sway of ladder during climb. Employee must not exceed the manufacturer's safety limitations for weight on the ladder, taking into consideration their body weight and additional weight of up to 30 pounds created from wearing PPE and tool belts/meters.
  • Stairs: May ascend/descend up to four flights of stairs (per city building codes, a structure four flights or less is not required to have an elevator). May carry as much as 50# while ascending stairs (cable and portable caddy), in additional to wearing tool belts and meters.
  • Gripping/Grasping:
  • Must be able to use simple and firm grasps with both left and right hands continuously during the workday. Firm grasp required with activities such as cutting cable and crimping ends of cable to apply connectors. Simple, bilateral grasp required throughout the shift with activities such as using a punch tool and hammer (to install cable clips in masonry). Fine motor activities include applying tie wraps to cables, applying phone silk wire connectors, securing nuts and bolts, and holding/pinching other small items and tools.
  • Awkward Postures/Functional Mobility:
  • Climb in/out of service vehicle; sit for up to one third of workday (sitting in vehicle; sitting at computer terminal).
  • Stand frequently throughout the workday.
  • Walk frequently throughout the workday, occasionally on unlevel surfaces.
  • Balance, stoop, bend, kneel, crouch, and crawl occasionally throughout the workday. Occasional continuous stooping, kneeling, or squatting (up to 10 minutes continuously, measured 3x at one jobsite). Awkward reaching and twisting observed when reaching around furniture or reaching around walls/corners and other architectural barriers to access cable. Work in cramped spaces that require assuming awkward positions.
  • Work at heights frequently throughout the workday, assuming and maintaining heights of up to 25-feet on ladders.
  • Continuous use of the senses of sight, hearing and smell for safety throughout the workday. Continuous situational awareness and alertness when working on service near traffic lanes.
  • Coordinate two or more limbs (for example, two arms, two legs, or one leg and one arm) while sitting, standing, or lying down frequently throughout the workday.
  • Must reach in all directions (bend, stretch, twist, or reach with body, arms, and/or legs) frequently throughout the workday (i.e.: standing on ladder and reaching laterally, or rotating trunk to reach for tools).
  • Keep hand and arm steady while moving or while holding an arm and hand in one position, occasionally.
  • Use abdominal and lower back muscles to support part of the body repeatedly or continuously over time without 'giving out' or fatiguing, frequently throughout the workday.
  • Operate, maneuver, navigate, and/or drive vehicles or mechanized equipment, such as forklifts, passenger and commercial vehicles, or bucket lifts for up to a full workday.
  • Must be able to use a ladder rated for a total of 375 lbs. including tools and equipment.
  • Wear a variety of personal protective equipment, including, but not limited to safety shoes, glasses, gloves, hard hats, and safety vests for up to the full workday.
  • Frequently works outdoors, withstanding a variety of conditions including exposure to extremes in hot and cold temperature, wet or humid conditions.
  • Withstand occasional vibration.
  • Withstand occasional odors or fumes.
  • `Occasional', `Frequent' and `Constant' designations as defined by the Department of Labor, Dictionary of Occupational Titles: Occasional: 1-33% of the workday
  • Frequent: 34-66% of the workday
  • Constant: 67-100% of the workday

Altice USA is an Equal Opportunity Employer committed to recruiting, hiring and promoting qualified people of all backgrounds regardless of gender, race, color, creed, national origin, religion, age, marital status, pregnancy, physical or mental disability, sexual orientation, gender identity, military or veteran status, or any other basis protected by federal, state, or local law.

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