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Join Our Veterans Talent Community: Empowering Diversity and Inclusion in the Workplace

For Veterans, transitioning service members, and family members, civilian workplace culture and language takes time to fully adapt to. Building a dedicated community for veterans and their family members that emphasizes career success and helps to develop marketable skills will ensure resilience in the workforce and improve retention.

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As the Military reduces end strength, the number of service members leaving the service has increased creating a burden on the workforce and raises concern for unemployment with increased hardship. Communities focused on the wellbeing of the transitioning service members and their families will reduce the increasing unemployment rate of 6.5% among veterans and 38% unemployment among military spouses.

5 Ways Veterans Can Remain Healthy on the Job

Employers should encourage their veteran employees to live healthily and take advantage of company resources to keep them safe while at work.

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Managing Your Health After Deployment in the Workplace

Upon leaving the military veterans tend to focus on things like finding a job, reconnecting to their family, and helping others — but one thing that often gets left to the wayside is physical and mental health.

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How to Support Veterans in the Workplace

As of 2020, military veterans accounted for only 5.6% of the civilian workforce. Here are some ways to create a more veteran-friendly workplace.

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