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Too many job sites fail to get key culture initiatives to ensure that the employers they are working with are truly cultivating an environment where talent with disabilities can thrive. At Getting Hired, we get it. Getting YOU – GETTING HIRED!

Did You Know...

Over 1 billion people worldwide experience some type of disability, making people living with disability the largest minority globally. In the United States, disability affects approximately 61 million, or 1 in 4 people; Of that 26% less than 4% disclose their disability to their employers.

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Making Mental Health Matter with Capital One's Gray Matter

July was Minority Mental Health Awareness Month, and we caught up with Angelique Morris, who leads Capital One’s Business Resource Group (BRG) Gray Matter.

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Do You Have To Disclose a Disability At Work?

Living with a disability is by no means easy, but the challenges can be particularly significant when that disability is not immediately visible to others.

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The Big Picture: BAE Systems  and Disability Inclusion

The more inclusive the environment, the more employees can be their full-true selves and do their best work - the ultimate diverse workplace culture catalyst.

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