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Senior Software Engineer



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Atlanta, Georgia, United States

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Requirement And Scoping Analysis: Requires knowledge of: Risk analysis methodologies; Cost Analysis; Business objectives; Classification of requirements; Domain Knowledge; User stories concepts; Functional / Non-Functional Requirements; Scoping and Estimation To explore relevant products/solutions from an existing repertoire, which can address business/technical needs. Assess gaps/ updates/ modifications between the customer/business expectations and the existing product/solutions (in case of agile methodology, for the iteration). Classify the requirements into applicable types (For example - Functional/Non-Functional, Derived/Imposed/Emergent etc.). Anticipate the solution risks / issues during requirements gathering phase, inform relevant stakeholders and recommend corrective steps. Contribute to the creation of user stories for component/application/complex (For agile methodology). Solution Design: Requires knowledge of: Software architecture; Distributed systems; Scalability; Design patterns; Disaster Recovery; Tech Stacks; Minimum Viable Product- MVP; Non-Functional Requirements; Detailed Design To assist in design of solutions such that the processes / applications work in tandem for specific components/modules of a product. Evaluate trade-offs while designing a component based on the business requirements. Assist in conversion of HLD (High Level Design) to create detailed design using mock screens, pseudo codes and detailed functional logic of the modules for specific modules / components of a product. Coding: Requires knowledge of: Coding standards and guidelines; Coding languages (E.g. JavaScript, Python, C# etc.), frameworks(E.g. [Register to View] Cocoa, Android application framework etc.), tools(E.g. [Register to View] Linx, Embold etc.) and Platforms (E.g. Microsoft Azure, Apple IOS etc.);Quality, Safety and Security (PCI etc.) standards; Emerging tools and technologies; Telemetry; CI / CD; Code Management Tools; SDLC; Secure SDL frameworks and tools To create/configure simple, testable, maintainable code for entire component/application and ensure the components are meeting business/technical requirements, non-functional requirements, low-maintainability, high-availability and high-scalability needs. Assist in the selection of appropriate languages (E.g., JavaScript, Python, C# etc.), development standards and tools (E.g., [Register to View] Linx, Embold etc.) for software coding/configuration. Take initiative to learn the fundamentals of different coding languages and frameworks that would be useful for future scope of work. Build scripts for automation of repetitive and routine tasks in CI/CD (Continuous Integration/Continuous Delivery), Testing or any other process (as applicable). Implement telemetry features as required independently. Ensure security policy requirements are properly applied to components/application during code development/configuration. Testing: Requires knowledge of: Test case preparation; Test Objectives; Test Strategy; Test types; Test tools (E.g. - Automation - Selenium, Agile - Jira, Mobile - Eggplant etc.); Test Environment; Root cause analysis; Code Coverage; Test Coverage. To map the customer requirements in to test objectives. Identify and create test cases for the component/module. Execute test cases to test the code and detect errors and defects for the entire component. Execute distinct types of testing using appropriate testing tools based on the testing needs. Program Monitoring: Requires knowledge of: Program metrics; Program Reporting, logging tools and processes; Continuous Integration/Continuous Deployment (CICD) To ensure adherence to the project against approved milestones and timelines. Defect Management and Troubleshooting: Requires knowledge of: Defect life-cycle process, defect tracking tools and methodologies; Defect reporting; Regression testing; Root cause analysis; Root cause corrective action. To track and analyze defects for the component/ module and carry out regression testing to fix defects in all instances of code changes. Analyze defects from past projects/solutions to avoid recurrence of similar defects. Troubleshoot performance and availability bottlenecks for the application. DevOps Orientation: Requires knowledge of: Different operating systems; Software maintenance tools and techniques; Application monitoring tools and techniques; Debugging tools; Mock screen; Pseudocodes; Reverse Engineering; Traceability matrix; System performance, security, integration; Data migration and accessibility; Design Methodologies; Telemetry. To conduct complex maintenance procedures for applications independently. Monitor and evaluate the performance of the application by tracking and analyzing appropriate metrics; Perform maintenance (corrective, adaptive, perfective) and re-engineering activities. Analyze application logs, maintenance activity data, performance data and provide analysis; Evaluate change requests to identify those which are valid and feasible. Demonstrates up-to-date expertise and applies this to the development, execution, and improvement of action plans by providing expert advice and guidance to others in the application of information and best practices; supporting and aligning efforts to meet customer and business needs; and building commitment for perspectives and rationales. Provides and supports the implementation of business solutions by building relationships and partnerships with key stakeholders; identifying business needs; determining and carrying out necessary processes and practices; monitoring progress and results; recognizing and capitalizing on improvement opportunities; and adapting to competing demands, organizational changes, and new responsibilities. Models compliance with company policies and procedures and supports company mission, values, and standards of ethics and integrity by incorporating these into the development and implementation of business plans; using the Open Door Policy; and demonstrating and assisting others with how to apply these in executing business processes and practices. Live our Values - Culture Champion - Models the Walmart values to foster our culture; holds oneself accountable; and supports Walmart's commitment to communities, corporate social responsibility, and sustainability; maintains and promotes the highest standards of integrity, ethics and compliance. Live our Values - Servant Leadership - Is consistently humble, self-aware, honest, and transparent. Embrace Change - Curiosity & Courage - Demonstrates curiosity and a growth mindset; supports innovation and intelligent risk-taking; and exhibits resilience in the face of setbacks. Embrace Change - Digital Transformation & Change - Implements and supports continuous improvements and willingly embraces new digital tools and ways of working. Deliver for the Customer - Customer Focus - Delivers results while putting the customer first and applying an omni merchant mindset and the EDLP and EDLC business models to all plans. Deliver for the Customer - Strategic Thinking - Adopts a broad perspective that considers data, analytics, customer insights, and different parts of the business when making plans. Focus on our Associates - Diversity, Equity & Inclusion - Embraces diversity in all its forms and actively supports diversity of ideas and perspectives, as well as diversity goal programs. Focus on our Associates - Collaboration & Influence - Builds strong and trusting relationships with team members and business partners; works collaboratively and cross-functionally to achieve objectives; and communicates with energy and positivity to motivate, influence, and inspire commitment and action. Focus on our Associates - Talent Management - Contributes to an environment allowing everyone to bring their best selves to work, demonstrates engagement and commitment to the team, and recognizes others' contributions and accomplishments.

Minimum Qualifications...

Outlined below are the required minimum qualifications for this position. If none are listed, there are no minimum qualifications.

Option 1: Bachelor's degree in computer science, computer engineering, computer information systems, software engineering, or related area and 3 years' experience in software engineering or related area.Option 2: 5 years' experience in software engineering or related area.

Preferred Qualifications...

Outlined below are the optional preferred qualifications for this position. If none are listed, there are no preferred qualifications.

Master's degree in Computer Science, Computer Engineering, Computer Information Systems, Software Engineering, or related area and 1 year's experience in software engineering or related area.

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756 W Peachtree St Nw,, Atlanta, GA 30308, United States of America